Tree and Shrub Sale:

The entire month of September, we are celebrating our way into Fall by getting ready for our Summer garden next year.  Trees and shrubs (excluding mini conifers) are 50% off the entire month and you can plant them now.  Our hours in September are, Monday-Saturday: 9 am - 5:30 pm, Sunday: 10 am - 4 pm, Labor Day: 10 am - 2 pm.  Get a head start this Holiday weekend and come visit us today!


Summer at AJ Rahns

Welcome to your best garden, 2016!  We promise, at Rahn's, you will find the best flowering plants and garden needs in Cincinnati accompanied by a personalized experience for all “shades” of green thumbs.  No matter your questions, we are happy to help.  Call us, visit us, or Facebook message us at anytime and we will be happy to help!  You can also reach out to us on Twitter and Instagram.


Highlights of 2016

We are only a couple months in, but 2016 is already a memorable year for us. Not only were we named by City Beat as Cincinnati’s Best of 2016 Plant retailer, we were honored by having an historic look at our business over the past 125 years (and counting) by the amazingly talented writer, Cedric Rose. Cincinnati Magazine’s article titled, “This Old (Green) House” took a closer look into our family and its unique business history. If you did not get a chance to buy the magazine, here is the link to read this remarkable treasure to our continued legacy:


What's new This Year

We might be 125 years old, but we are always coming up with something new. Here are some highlights for this year.

In the roses, we have:

  • 59 new rose varieties
  • 16 varieties of tree roses
  • 24 David Austin roses
  • 63 varieties of hybrid T’s
  • 7 brand new varieties of floribundas

In perennials, which are relatively low maintenance, we have

  • Over 350 varieties of different perennials
  • 18 varieties of ornamental grasses
  • 8 varieties of butterfly bush and butterfly weed
    • The most recent numbers from Mexico on monarchs is that they are up so we want to continue to encourage!!!
  • 30 varieties of hosta
  • A larger selection of trees and shrubs including espaliers 
  • The Lenten rose is an evergreen that is extremely deer resistant
    • Comes in varieties of colors and is the first thing to bloom in the spring.
  • We have the peony that is a cross between the garden peony and a tree peony.
    • 8 varieties all-together
  • New smaller bush cherries yielding sweet and dark cherries  
    • Instead of a tree at 12-15 foot high it will be around 6 feet, which is a little more manageable.


See You Soon!

Now, with all of this information, we hope to see all of you very soon! The weather is just starting to turn around so come on in and get your garden started!


Contact us

At this time of the year, the phone may not be the easiest or fastest way to get a hold of us, so please try all avenues.  In hopes of making a more familiar and personalized experience for everyone, allow us to introduce ourselves!  Visit our new tab “Meet the Staff,” to see some familiar faces and some new ones who will be with us this season.  Cheers to a busy, beautiful summer! As always, happy planting!


We're Open Year-Round

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Sunday, 10-4

Monday-Friday, 9-6
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Easter: 11-1

Monday-Friday, 9-8*
Monday-Friday, 9-6
Saturday, 9-5:30
Sunday, 10-5
Memorial Day: 9-5
* We have reduced weekday hours in May this year.

Monday-Friday, 9-6
Saturday, 9-5:30
Sunday, 10-5

Monday-Saturday, 9-5:30
Sunday, 10:30-2:30
July 4th: 10-2

Monday-Saturday, 9-5:30
Sunday, 10:30-2:30

Monday-Saturday, 9-5:30
Sunday, 10-4
Labor Day: 10-2

Monday-Saturday, 9-5:30
Sunday, 10-4

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Sunday: 10-4
Thanksgiving: Closed

Before Christmas:
Monday-Saturday, 9-5:30
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December 24th: 9-2

After Christmas:
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Closed December 25th & 26th
New Year's Eve: 9-2


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Our selection changes daily. Please call ahead for specific availability and answers to all of your gardening questions.


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